Five for Five

[Five Minutes for Five Questions series]


the act of me writing or writing a poem is a success even if I’m the only one that reads it.

Q: What was the last thing you’ve read & What are you reading right now?
A: Text messages don’t count right? Lol last thing was, 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane & I’m currently reading, Omeros by Derek Walcott 

Q: Do you have any kind of routines or rituals that you follow when writing/photographing/and or creating?
A: prayer first, always & reading, both the bible and other text ranging from my own poems & others to interviews and beyond. but after that, before creating and during creation, I have to do other stuff like watch Netflix or scroll Instagram or window shop online LOL i have to both procrastinate & get distracted.

Q: what was the last thing you’ve written recently?
A: does the caption from my last Instagram post count? Lol. I mean as far as poems…The last thing was a poem (which i only started, haven’t finished) about my mom and like the history of Puerto Rico

Q: How do you measure or determine success as a poet?
A: I don’t measure it or determine it, I just… Well, much of success, for many people, is determined by popularity and financial gain, & things like publications ect– but I don’t care about any of that so.. I mean, I would say that just the act of me writing or writing a poem is a success even if I’m the only one that reads it.

Q: Other than yourself, who was or were your first reader(s)? Who were the first people or person you shared your work with? Are any of them still/current readers?
A: my mom. She has always read what I wrote but when I wrote /shared my first poem that i could confidently call a poem, it was Mrs(?) Fredd, my seventh grade English Language Arts teacher. & as far as if they are still readers…well, my mom passed away so … I mean maybe she’s reading from heaven I don't know; and I’ve lost contact with Mrs Fredd, but maybe she’s somewhere in the world reading the work I have online. Who knows. *If you're out there Mrs(?) Jenna Fredd. Look for me, I have something to tell you and give you. (: *