Five For Five II.

 [Five Minutes for Five Questions series]

I’m certaintly more than just a writer but I don’t know me or want to know me without it.


1. What is a line (if you can remember) from the last poem you've written? or you can give the title of the poem if you don't remember.

I like that you said "if you remember" because I struggle with remembering half the stuff I write (lol). But, just for the safety and protection of the poem I'll just give the tile. The last poem I wrote or worked on, rather, is currently titled "Chino"

2b. what is that poem? about if it isn't too much to  ask or what inspired that piece?

Chino is my tío's (uncle) name. His first name is Tommy but he was affectionately known as Chino. The poem is just about what I remember of him, I was a little girl when he passed, how I imagine him to be if he were here today and how I miss him. What inspired the poem was the idea of time and the long ago dead...about how when someone dies and years and years go by and no one talks about them anymore or even mentions them. How many years does it take till you stop bringing up them and the memories? Why do we mention some but not others after a certain amount of time? etcetera.

2. For some, writing is cathartic is like that for you? What does writing do for you?  if it does anything. or should it do something?

Sometimes think that it will be at times, but I don't look to writing as something that is supposed to be cathartic, though it can be. I don't know what writing should do, for me, It probably does something but I don't know what that something is because I don't think about writing like that. I just do it ya know? It's just a part of who I am and what I do. I'm certaintly more than just a writer but I don't know me or want to know me without it.  I think more importantly that. writing probably does, and should do, more for the reader and world than me solely. 

3.  Who are your favorite poets?

I don't like the idea of naming names under that bracket because then people get left out. Plus, my idea of what is my favorite changes daily.

3a. Okay, lol. What was the first poem you ever read that made you love poetry? 

"Let there be light and there was light." from the book of Genesis. that was poetry to me when I didn't even know what poetry was. But then later, somewhere, I read "Sonnet XVII" by Pablo Neruda and I was in love. 

4. What was the last poem you read?

Not including my own right? because the last poem I technically read was something I wrote because I was working on it (lol). The last poem I read that was not my own was "Finding the Wound" by Joseph O. Legaspi from his book Imago.

5. What is your number one piece of advice you give to other writers?

Oh lord, the beloved writer advice question. You know that's such a cliche question right ? but I'll answer it anyway. I don't know if I can say its my number one piece of advice but its somewhere on the 1-to-5 rank. It is to be lose handed. Don't hold too tight to the poem that you keep it from growing, from making mistakes, from breathing, from becoming and unbecoming.