Five For Five III.

Five Minutes for Five Questions series


1. When it comes to writing, what is something that you regret most? or what has been your biggest mistake?

You just gotta go and be in the midst of the community and beautiful poetic atmosphere, even if you don’t talk to anyone there.

I  regret all the readings I didn't go to because I wanted to take naps and be lazy or because I don't know of the writers that were reading. I think readings are awesome but more importantly, necessary so that has been my biggest mistake so far, not going to readings and it will probably continue to be a perpetual mistake because, lets be honest. there will be plenty more times when I will find an excuse; that's just something I have to work on constantly.  Not attending readings...

especially not going because you never heard of or know of the work of the writers that are reading is stupid. I mean who knows, they may not be your cup of tea but at least you went you know. You might meet someone in the audience or a reader might have one line that sticks out to you, so you just gotta go and be in the midst of the community and beautiful poetic atmosphere even if you don't talk to anyone there. Go to readings, don't be a dummy dumb dumb (I'm telling this to myself but also everyone else) it's one less regret and another great asset to your power as a writer and student of life.

2. Whose your poet/writer crush? or celebrity crush?

Uhh, I don't know... Drake? lol.. he's pretty handsome, I've always been swooned by his looks But actually you know... Laroyce Hawkins, he plays Kevin Atwater on Chicago PD. yes... Chile...he's fine.. he's probably my celeb crush right now.  

3. Name a poem or favorite poem by someone else that you wish you wrote

I don't like to think that or wish that because then that plants a tiny seed in the brain, even when I/we don't think it does, that, what I am capable of isn't as good as whatever that poem is or the idea that I am not as good as that person/poet. What I wish I wrote was all the poems that I let pass by because they came at inconvenient times. The times when I was dead tired and all I wanted was to sleep. Those are the poems I wish I wrote.

4. In terms of writing, what scares you?

What scares me is that you know.. as poets and writers (and readers too) we are pulled by the gravity of beauty in language and all that, so it's scary sometimes to think we can and we do miss the truth because its all dressed up in the beauty and that's what scares me. I'm all for a beautiful, awesome line/poem but I don't want to be so swooned by that, by the metaphor, by the sound that the truth is buried or misplaced or even nonexistent. I'm always on edge when I'm writing to make sure that doesn't happen. Also I am very committed to what I believe from a Christianity view, so sometimes I get nervous when I write and I have to work hard to make sure what I write isn't disrespectful or goes against God's word or that I don't use a metaphor in a way that I shouldn't be.. It's a scary thing to do that and I don't want to do that, with anything not just the Bible but with any topic or issue. Which is why I try to be extremely careful and precise and I make sure I am prayerful and I study, research--etcetera-- before and after I write. Basically I want a truthful/truth-filled poem over something that looks, sounds, is beautiful and also finding that balance-- because it is possible to have both though is not as easy as it sounds.

5. When it comes to your writing process, what do you struggle with most?

I struggle a lot with titling my pieces. A title can do a lot for a poem but it also can give too much away or not do enough. Aside from a recommendation or requirement, we decide to read a poem based on the title but sometimes we decide not to read a poem because of its title and that's just a conundrum in of its own. I think I will struggle with it for the rest of my life and that's okay... everyone has their thing you know and I'm not the only one. I mean after all... titles are like the weather sometimes; they can be great and annoying at the same time. We can love and hate them at the same time. You know how people say, "I love summer! I can't wait for summer, its the best season ever! " and then when it gets here.. it goes from enjoyment to complaint, " it's so hot.. I just can't.. ugh!" Lol that's exactly how I feel about titles which is why it will be a life long perpetual struggle.