The O-R in Promise (Pulse, January 2019)

The Prose of a Puss Filled Poetic Wound (Street Light Press, November 2018)

Maria [Out] Of Grace (Pretty Owl Poetry, Fall 2018)

Adam (Pretty Owl Poetry, Fall 2018)

Comin’ From Where I’m From (Kettle Blue Review, Issue 5.1, 2018)

Hung in The Gallery (Kettle Blue Review, Issue 5.1, 2018)

Our Dirty Laundry (Crooked Teeth Magazine, January 2018)

How to Get Home Using The Subway System (Crooked Teeth Magazine, January 2018)

March to the Drum of Self-Love (The Mighty, January 2018)

The Building With the Scaffolding (The Rising Phoenix Review, November 30, 2017)

Our Crooked Teeth (The Rising Phoenix Review, November 20, 2017)

The Lazarus Inside (The Rising Phoenix Review, November 7, 2017)

Making Boardwalks Out of Borders (The Deaf Poets Society, Issue 5, 2017)

At First, It Was Just a Game (Downtown Brooklyn, Issue 26, 2017)

If I Die Tomorrow [W/ Daniel Vidal Soto] (Visceral Brooklyn, Issue 3.2, 2017)

Life Liberty & The Pursuit of—  (Visceral Brooklyn, Issue 3.1, 2016)

Wound Culture. (Visceral Brooklyn, Issue 3.1, 2016)

Mother Earth. (Crab Fat Magazine, September 2016)

Wine. (Downtown Brooklyn, Issue 25, 2016 )

From The Melting Pot. (Snapdragon Journal, "Journey", Summer 2016)

It Was Just a Sleep Aid(The Poeming Pigeon, "Doobie or not Doobie April 2016)

Funeral Dress. (Rain Party & Disaster Society, August 2015)

Every Day a Blue Sky. (Atlantis Magazine, Issue 69. University of North Carolina at Wilmington)

The Moon Needs the Night. (Atlantis Magazine, Issue 69. University of North Carolina at Wilmington)

Harvest (Coraddi Magazine, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Spring 2014)

Untitled. (Coraddi Magazine, UNCG, Fall 2012)

Murder (Inside Me, Live Poets Society of New Jersey, Summer 2007)


How I'm Becoming Proactively Fearless with Cerebral Palsy (The Mighty, March 2017)

Where I Found Power (Rain Party & Disaster Society, August 2015)


“Left in Smoke” [Cover Photo] Petrichor Literary Journal Issue 9, Janauary 2019)

“Seeing in The Shadows” ;“Through To the Light”;  “Joy” ;“Unclose” ; “Everything I Am and Am Not”; “Fight For Street Art” ; “You Are Armor” ; “Dark Water” ; “Broken in To Let Out” ; “Beyond Borders” ;“A Storm Is Coming" (Visceral Brooklyn, Issue 3.2, 2017)

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Thunder and Lightening (For: Shaheed Williams)

Aurora of Wonder (For: Tierra Harris)

Constellation of You (For: Jocelyn Jackson)

Rayne (For: Jennifer Argueta)

Shine Bright,My Little Star Light (For: Kiera Elliott)

How to Survive Basic Training (For: Talisa Garner & Shadelle Goodson)

So You Want to Be a Surgeon (For: Domonique Nichols)

Ione (For: Kiera Elliott)

Genesis (For: Reva Oliver)

The Moon in You (For: Sha'Kaya Douglas)

We Become Alive in The Time of Fear (For: Danielle Brantley)

House of Light (For: Ashley Baez)

Song of Light (For: Alisha Bee)

The Storm & The Umbrella (For: Domonique Nichols)

Avoirdupois Heart (For: Monisha Merchant)

February is For Lovers (For: Sha'Kaya Douglas)

You Are Love in Laughter (For: Susan Alexander)

The Perfect Entree (For: Brandilyn Griggs)

Jennifer Rayne (For: Jennifer Argueta)

The House on The Hill (For: Ashley Baez)

I Hope You Live (For: Sahjanay Lewis)

Jingle Bells (For: Alisha Bee)

Blue Heart (For: Brandilyn Griggs)

Daughter of The Moon (For: Jasmine Elliott)